The Best Shooter of 2022

For decades, the best first-person shooter games have dominated gaming culture. Indeed, many of the most prominent and popular games of all time have been played in first-person, often with a loaded weapon in hand. Who doesn’t like fighting monsters and charging enemies from the viewpoint of their character?

You’ve come to the right location if you’re hunting for the best FPS games 2022 has to offer. There are a lot of games out right now that use this tried-and-true first-person approach to offer new mechanics and concepts, and figuring out which ones are the best and most interactive can be difficult.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best first-person shooter games available for console and PC right now. Did you know that some companies such as Buff also pay you to play games?

Eternal Doom

If id Software’s riveting reboot of the Doom series in 2016 wasn’t enough, Doom Eternal adds platforming to make fighting more fluid, a rogue’s gallery of deadly bosses, and an engrossing plot to the mix.

Doom Eternal, one of today’s best FPS games, foregoes the horror elements of Doom 3 and instead focuses on the gore and complex animations that let you pound demons into a fine red mist with unrivalled flair. Even better, your frantic antics will be accompanied by Mick Gordon’s exquisite electro-metal offerings, which are built to pump you up and make your palms sweat.

Far Cry 5 stays true to the franchise’s theme of man vs. man in the fifth instalment of its main season, rather than going full post-apocalyptic like many of the top titles these days. This 2018 game, while not totally ignoring the famous end-of-the-world premise, has you fighting the doomsday cult Eden’s Gate, which has been tormenting the good people of Hope County, Wisconsin.

Although you won’t be fighting zombies or aliens here, there will be plenty of action on foot, in muscle cars, ATVs, and even crop dusters, with heavy artillery at your disposal. After all, cult leader Joseph Seed and his followers aren’t as easy to take down as they seem. In reality, you may be able to hire guns or fangs, or play in a two-player co-op mode.

Squadrons in Star Wars

Although Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order offered single-player Star Wars fans a major, story-driven game to sabre through in 2019, longtime fans of Star Wars ship battles, dogfighting, and multiplayer were left wondering when they’d get some love as well. Enter Star Wars: Squadrons, a first-person starship fighting game with extremely tight mechanics, loads of customization choices, and all the iconic sounds, lasers, and explosions a Star Wars fan might like.

As you play the game in VR, it becomes even more unreal, whipping players through space at breakneck speeds as they duck, evade, and exact vengeance on enemy pilots while leaving a trail of space dust in their wake. It’s fair to say that none of us will ever get to fly a real-life TIE Fighter or X-Wing through an asteroid field in a galactic campaign, but Star Wars Squadrons is a close second.

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