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What are the best horror games available for the PC? Traditional action models are always turned on their heads in horror games, forcing you to flee and hide from your foes. Scary games make you feel insecure rather than empowered, and they’re the kinds of games that stick with you long after you’ve finished them.

Of course, horror games are about much more than jump scares and gore. Although we’ve included some obvious choices like Outlast and Amnesia, you can also expect to find games that employ a variety of strategies to get your heart racing and your palms sweating. Don’t worry about this list being out of date: we update our lists on a regular basis to include new scary games.

Remember what Roosevelt once said: “We have nothing to fear but that scene in FEAR where Alma unexpectedly pops out and you’re all like argh!” The best horror games for PC are listed below.

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Another horror game from Bloober Team, this time concentrating on the plight of a medium. In this spooky third-person thriller, you take on the role of Marianne as she tries to solve mysteries both in the real world and in the afterlife. Traveling between two dimensions isn’t a new phenomenon in gaming, but The Medium makes good use of it by allowing you to traverse both worlds at once.

The Maw, a winged beast that stalks Marianne in the spirit world, lurks around every corner. The Medium appears to be a perfect game for fans of classic horror games and newcomers to the genre, with classic tank controls, fixed camera angles, and a haunting soundtrack.


Since its Early Access release, Phasmophobia has exploded in popularity, outselling games like Balder’s Gate 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam. What makes Phasmophobia so good? It’s developed into a cult following and shows no signs of slowing down.

While Phasmophobia is mainly a horror game, you might think of it as a co-op detective game in which you and up to three other investigators investigate a haunted location in order to figure out what kind of ghost is haunting the place before reporting back. To navigate the dim, close corridors and eerily silent halls, you’ll need teamwork, your best detective hat, and calm nerves.

You and your team must investigate the haunting and complete tasks such as taking a picture of polluted water or asking the ghost questions using tools such as ouija boards, a spirit box, a crucifix, and smudge sticks. But be careful; all your probing will most certainly irritate the ghost, and you don’t want to be around when it goes on the hunt.


When you’re not a fan of horror games, it’s difficult to persuade yourself to play them. The prospect of preparing yourself for an evening of unnerving suspense and jumpscares is not for all. And it’s for this reason that having a canine friend in Blair Witch is such a welcome addition.

Bullet, your furry companion, is always by your side, and you can calm down by calling him over and petting him. Bullet’s soothing disturbances to Blair Witch’s gameplay loop of creeping through grey wooded areas allow you to ease into the horror as you search for clues.

Blair Witch is primarily an immersive experience in which you hunt for a lost boy in the famous forest from the film of the same name. Of course, you’re not alone, and as the search continues, several things can go bump in the night. Bullet, on the other hand, is still there to serve as a guide, and if a predator appears, he’ll bark in its direction, giving you a slight hint as to where to aim your flashlight. So, if you’re looking for a game to introduce you to the horror genre, Blair Witch is a good option.

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